Top Tips For Getting It Right

Getting it right is easy - just follow these simple steps

  • Know what you can recycle

    Your kerbside recycling bin can accept paper, cardboard and packaging containers made from plastic, liquid paper board (eg. cartons), glass, steel and aluminium. Find out what you can recycle.

  • Check for recycling in every room

    Many items in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, lounge and study can go in your recycling bin. Find out what you can recycle.

  • Make sure items are empty

    Items don’t need to be sparkling clean, just empty.  Remove solid food scraps like pizza and leftovers.

  • Keep recycling out of plastic bags

    Remember, if you put your recycling in plastic bags it may end up in landfill because it can’t be sorted and recycled.

  • Make recycling easy

    Placing separate rubbish and recycling bins in each room of your house helps make recycling easy. If you don't have enough room for two bins, why not try a small box or container under the bench or in a cupboard to collect recycling.

  • Keep these items out of your recycling bin

    Putting these items in your recycling bin affects the recycling process making it harder to sort and recycle the correct items.

    • Garden waste - Contact your council to find out what to do with this waste.

    • General household waste including items such as nappies: Put into your rubbish bin. If you are not sure if an item can go in your rubbish bin, contact your council.

    • Food waste - If you have space at home you can compost your food waste. Find out more about composting at home or contact your council.

    • Household chemicals - Find out about the Detox Your Home program.

    • Electronics (e.g. computers, TVs, mobile phones) and batteries - Find out about eWaste recycling programs or contact your council.

    • Timber, concrete, bricks and rubble - To find out where you can drop off items contact your council.

    • Household goods and furniture - Many councils operate resource recovery centres where you can dispose of unwanted goods and furniture. To find out where you can drop off items contact your council. Some of these centres have ‘tip shops’ that accept good quality household goods and furniture which they then sell at great prices.

    For items in good condition you can also contact your local charity shop to see if they would like them, or hold your own garage sale.

    • Polystyrene foam packaging - Place in your rubbish bin or contact your local council to find out where you can drop off items for recycling.

    • Ceramic and glass waste (non packaging) such as cups, crockery, drinking glasses, Pyrex glass, ovenware, window glass and mirrors - These items should be wrapped (if broken) and placed in your garbage bin. If they are in good condition contact your local charity shop to see if they would like them, or hand them on to friends or family.

    • Scrap metal items like car parts - To find out where you can drop off items contact your council.