Recycle from your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, lounge and study to help reduce waste to landfill. Take a look in your own home and see how many things you can find.


Put your items in the bin loose so they can be sorted and recycled and not end up in landfill.

Recycling six drink cans can save enough energy to offset emissions from a 10km car journey, 17km bus ride or 25km train trip!

Get it Right on Bin Night!

Victorians are great recyclers, but we can improve. Research shows that our household rubbish bins contain items that could have been recycled. This equates to around 450,000 wheelie bins full of recycling ending up in landfill each week. In metropolitan Melbourne, that's 300,000 bins alone. What a waste.

By making a few simple changes around the home you can help reduce waste to landfill. Get it Right on Bin Night helps you understand how you can improve your recycling habits and make a difference from your kerbside.

Check you’re getting it right at home, watch our TV adverts, learn about the recycling process, find out what’s happening in your council and take action to show your commitment to recycling.

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Recycling is managed by your local council and accepted items can change over time. For the latest information about what can be recycled in your area, check with your local council.